Meet The Choir

Clare Newbould - Musical Director

I have always loved music. One of my earliest memories is of our class being let loose on the music trolley in the infants school! In primary school, I had great aspirations to be the next Cilla Black... and our music teacher told me years later that she would sit in the staffroom hoping the children wouldn't remember it was choir practice day. Unfortunately, I always did, and would knock on the door to remind her and ask could we please sing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Sadly, the music teacher I first encountered in high school was a nightmare. I was terrified, hated the subject and thank my lucky stars that she left at the end of the year otherwise I wouldn't have learnt to play a note. With more encouraging teachers, I took up piano and organ and went to study Music at Liverpool University. I was very fortunate to have a music scholarship at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool during my postgraduate year, giving me the opportunity to conduct and accompany the Cathedral choir. Since then, I have taught Music in high schools and primary and thoroughly enjoyed the last seven years working as a community musician. 

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